Trumbull Public Schools
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Pupil Personnel Services Directory

For each child requiring special education, the program is individualized to meet specific needs and is designed by the PPT (Planning and Placement Team), which includes the parents as well as staff. For those children who need more intensive, specialized help, appropriate programs are provided in accordance with least restrictive environment mandates.

Contacts for the various departments are listed below:

Dr. Michael McGrath Ph.D.
Director of Pupil Services and Special Education Services
 (203) 452-4352
(203) 452-4357 (fax)

Maureen Makres-Steinberg
Coordinator of Special Education
 (203) 452-4352
 (203) 452-4357 (fax)

Dr. Matthew Wheeler
Coordinator of Preschool Programs
 (203) 452- 4422
(203) 452-4419 (fax)
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Carolyn Butler
Chair, School Psychologists and Social Workers
(203) 452-4

Jennifer Alves
Chair, Elementary Special Education
 (203) 452-4377

Patricia Marini
Chair, Middle School Special Education
(203) 452-4221

Maureen Mas
Chair, High School Special Education
 (203) 452-4534

(203) 452-4535

Deborah McGrath
Chair, Alternative Education
(203) 452-4501

Judy Elkies
Team Leader, Speech Language
 (203) 452-4504 (Madison)

Michelle Hayes
Chair, SRP, Frenchtown
(203) 452-4240




Booth Hill Elementary School

Ann Block

Daniels Farm Elementary School

Kristina Forsythe

Frenchtown Elementary School

Bree Prezioso

Frenchtown Elementary School

Leigh Westberg

Jane Ryan Elementary School

Stacey Atkins

Middlebrook Elementary School

Lindsay Lee

Tashua Elementary School

Kristopher Boyle

Hillcrest Middle School

Christine Asaro

Madison Middle School

Kirsten Grady

A House, Trumbull High School

Jacquelen Konecny

B House, Trumbull High School

Jodi Martins

C House, Trumbull High School

Maryann Agostin


Paul Stapleton


Beth Judd